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Dogs Handling: Discover Reliable Tips and Solution
By Emilio Vargas

Why is this happening? (Handling)

Everything due to hegemony. Give me a moment to explain this view. Dogs packed animals: that means they are used to a much-organized environment. In a group of dogs, each animal classified in the position and force hierarchy (or "domain") for any other animal. Every animal recognizes other animals, meaning it knows how to respond in any condition. (either to back off, either to push the problem, whether to exercise to practice in someone else's garden, etc.). For your dog, the family environment does not differ from preparing a dog pack.

Dog rated each member of the house and has his or her own sense of where in that condition. This where you get attention. The dog looks at himself as the first on the totem social of other household members, you will get nervous. If you have an exaggerated sense of your importance, you will act in a careless tone.

Why? Because sovereignty and aggression are the sole right of a higher-ranking animal.

A loser will show no aggression or act in a dominant presence on a better animal. (the consequences will be terrible, and he knows that!). Property protection is a classic example of assertive behavior only a dog of higher rank (dog). Will dominate the defense of resources. If obvious to your dog is not the leader of the family. The dog will never dream of trying to stop you from eating or playing. Because a dog of lower rank will always agree with what the highest dogs (you and your family) say.

So how do I act on it? The best remedy for dominant and aggressive behavior is a steady and frequent act of obedience. This emphasizes your authority over your dog. Just one session of fifteen minutes a day will make it obvious you are the manager. And that worth doing what you say. You can illustrate this by honoring him (with compliments and wonderful precepts). To obey and isolate (put him in "dead time", unless outside the house or in a single room) for misconduct.

- If you are not sure of doing it yourself, you can think of asking for help from a qualified dog trainer.

- Thinking of your understanding of psychological therapy and communication. So you understand what you are trying to say. This will help you undermine any dominant behavior in the cradle and communicate your effective power.

- Regular training: Keep the obedience duration precise and productive (only 15 minutes, maybe 2 or 3 daily).

Why my dog doesn't want to treat? Each dog has different management thresholds. The dogs are binoculars and contents hug them and kiss them and hang them on your shoulders. (this idea another nod "I am the president" of the dog why many of them win). Those who are not used to physical contact from a very early age not used for physical contact. They will become nervous and excited if someone continues trying to hug them.

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